3 easy ways to give your LinkedIn profile a much-needed boost!

updated on 17 May 2021
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Breaking into tech is hard but the right resume and LinkedIn can help you get your foot in the door. An efficient LinkedIn account is your way to build connections, expand your network and move up in your desired field. Although LinkedIn has been the career and networking hub for a long time now, most people’s profiles still lack some basic characteristics. 

Let’s look at three assured and easy ways to give your LinkedIn a much-needed boost. 

1. Missing profile picture

You may think this is an obvious one but after having reviewed numerous profiles over the past year, we can confirm that many candidates forget this fundamental step. 

According to LinkedIn, your profile stays incomplete unless you have a photo. And an incomplete profile is likely to show up less in networks. Also, profiles without profile pictures have reduced credibility. Our reviewers, who’ve been FAANG+ recruiters, hiring managers, and individual contributors, admit to associating a missing photo with an out-of-date or inactive profile. LinkedIn research states that members with profile photos receive 21 times more profile views and 9 times more connection requests. 

Here are some tips on how to select the right profile picture. So, if your profile is still lacking a picture, this is your sign to go get it right! 


2. Incomplete experience/ project description

Project/ Experience description is an incredible feature of LinkedIn that allows you to give recruiters a snippet of your achievements, responsibilities, and learning in your previous roles. This should be a more in-depth description than that in your resume. 

Try switching to first-person or taking up a conversational tone as your list your most important achievements. Put the most important information in the first couple of lines. And make your description easy to read, clear and concise. You don’t want recruiters having to fish for information. 

Use keywords that are desirable and essential for that position. For this, you can go through job descriptions and pick skills/ tasks you’ve had experience in. Use action words, these are usually words ending in “-ed”. For example: instead of “in charge of”  use “directed”; instead of “worked with” use “collaborated”. More action words can be found here

Remember to add the technical skills you picked up on or utilized during the project, and list out the major software used. Also, remember that even though it can be daunting to list your experience - some experience is always better than no experience. So even if you feel like your job wasn’t “techy” enough, think of this as an opportunity to sell yourself and all that you learned in that environment. Include soft skills such as communication and organizational skills as these are becoming more and more essential to have in FAANG+ companies. 

Some project description examples: 


3. Lacking recommendations

Asking for recommendations can be nerve-wracking but they are very powerful in increasing your credibility on LinkedIn. Recommendations are a way to show recruiters that you’ve built relationships with your colleagues and have made a significant contribution to the work culture. They let hiring managers know that you will be a team player and an asset to their company. 

So, remember to be polite and friendly from day one because soon enough, you will be asking your manager and colleagues for recommendations. Also, the sooner this is done the better. Think of it this way, with every passing day your contribution loses some of its weight in their memory and this will affect the recommendation they write you. So to get an effective recommendation, ask sooner and eagerly. Also, remember to return the favor and give out recommendations as well. 

Here are some of the recommendations from Resume and LinkedIn coach Nikita Gupta’s LinkedIn. Her LinkedIn is also a great resource for job seekers, as she regularly posts resume and LinkedIn review tips and job opportunities.

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Remember FAANG+ companies are very dynamic workspaces and your colleagues are likely to be growth-oriented people. They are all team players so it’s very unlikely that they will refuse you a recommendation. 

These three tips are sure to give your LinkedIn a boost. Also, we’ll soon be posting a blog on recommendations how-to’s, do’s-and-don’t’s, and what actually makes a good recommendation.

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Author: Mehar Jaitely

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