Understanding Salary Bands for FAANG+ Companies

updated on 01 January 2022

Is working at Meta, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Netflix or any other big tech companies your dream?🤩 Have you used FAANGPath’s resources to crack the resume writing, LinkedIn makeover and interview preparation phases for your job search process?✔️. If yes, we’re proud you’ve made it so far. If not, it’s never too late to get started.

So what’s next? What is it that you need to know inside out before you target a role or accept an offer?

You got it right! The job levels and salary bands of these FAANG+ companies. 💵

Compensation is a key factor for any job seeker.
Compensation is a key factor for any job seeker.

It can often be a complicated process to understand what job level you’re accepting an offer for, what your compensation can look like and what your career track will be in future as you continue working further. In this blog, we’ll talk all about job levels and salary bands at FAANG+ companies!

What is a job level?

A job level is related to the seniority👩‍💼 and expectations of your role. It defines the work you do and what salary band you’ll fall into. For tech roles, an example of job classifications may look like:

L1: Very Early Career
L2: Early Career
L3: Seasoned Professional
L4: Very Senior Professional
L5: Exceptional
And so on…

Please note this is not exactly how FAANG companies have their job levels organized, this example gives us an idea of the expectations for the role.

What are Salary Bands?

Salary bands define the pay ranges for different job levels. Companies have low-ends and high-ends decided for each job level where the candidates are then offered a compensation package keeping in mind the education, experience and level of responsibility expected for the role. Salary bands help bring a structure to the organisation’s compensations and bring transparency to retain the best talent.

What is Total Compensation?

Total compensation refers to the overall compensation package an employee is offered. It includes not just base salary, but also many other benefits that an employee receives apart from that. Some common benefits that employees are offered are bonuses, stock options, relocation bonuses, paid time off, insurance, etc.

Employees are often unaware of the monetary value of these other benefits that are offered to them, which is why companies use a total compensation statement that clearly outlines the value in currency of these other benefits besides base salary.

Now let’s take a look at what the job levels and salary bands look like at the FAANG+ companies.

Please note we’ve taken the median salary figures for the SWE role as an example to give an idea of these salary bands for the U.S. These may differ according to the role and location you’ve applied to.


Meta firmly believes in establishing fairness through its compensation strategy. Most of the time, negotiation is ruled out, however, candidates do have a way of letting Meta know what their worth is by talking about your current or competitive compensation.

The job levels and salary bands for an SWE at Meta looks like:

meta salary-towup

Employees are also offered stock options besides several other benefits like different insurance, gym/wellness equipment reimbursement, health insurance, maternity leave, unlimited sick leave and more.

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Amazon is an international tech company that strives to be Earth’s most customer-centric company by giving customers what they want. Driven by the principles of customer satisfaction and good service, this is what the job levels and salary bands for an SDE at Amazon looks like:

amazon salary-pkj2p

Just like all other FAANG+ companies, Amazon also provides its employees with other bonuses based on their contribution to the team. Several other benefits estimated around $5400 include PTO(Vacation/Personal Days), paternity leave, immigration assistance, relocation bonus, remote work flexibility and more.


Apple is undoubtedly one of the most important companies among the FAANG. Apple’s career website’s home page says “We bring amazing people together to make amazing things happen”. This is what compensation for an SWE would look like at Apple:

apple salary-l9y04

Other benefits include custom workstation, gym/wellness reimbursement, gym on-site, on-site mother’s room, pet insurance, relocation bonus and more!


Working at Google can be a dream for many. A company that has its offerings for absolutely everything we need in our lives, for details read our blog on Google - A tech titan with the best corporate culture.

Here is what compensation for a SWE at various job levels looks like:

google salary-rqje6

Other benefits with an estimated value of $16,977 include travel insurance, disability insurance, employee assistance programs, adoption assistance, relocation bonus, student loan repayment plan and more. 


Microsoft has been on the forefront of technical innovation for decades. Microsoft’s compensation packages are closer to the other FAANG companies and look like this for a SWE:

microsoft salary-lo9da

Besides stock options, other benefits for Microsoft include childcare/babysitting reimbursement, sick time, PTO(vacation/personal days), health insurance, custom work-station, housing stipend, tuition reimbursement etc.

While the salary bands for all these FAANG+ companies look very attractive, getting into the companies requires just as much, planning, effort, focus🎯. Having the right resume and LinkedIn profile can increase your chances of landing interview calls from these big tech companies. If you’re a job seeker looking to apply at these companies, check out our blogs to learn more:

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We hope this article could help you get a fair idea of the compensation packages at these FAANG companies. You can find more information on this for various other tech roles at levels.fyi

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