Ghosted by a recruiter? Here's what to do next.

updated on 10 April 2022
A frustrated look on every job candidates' face
A frustrated look on every job candidates' face

You submitted your resume, received an email for further procedure, got on a call with a recruiter, and the person said, "We will inform you about the interview." But then, unexpectedly, all lines of communication got blocked. And you never receive a call for an interview. πŸ˜’

You applied for a job, got an interview call, you nailed your interview, and the hiring manager said, "We will get back to you." And now you are waiting for their reply, but suddenly everything becomes silent. And you never heard back. πŸ˜’😒

If you have ever faced these situations, this means the employer has ghosted you. πŸ˜’    

Ghosting refers to the act when recruiters and hiring managers of companies all-of-sudden stop the conversation with candidates without sharing any reason and feedback (Yes, you guessed it right! Ghosting to job candidates seems as scary as ghosts πŸ‘» seem to kids).

In this digital age, informing a candidate about rejection via Email or message may not seem a difficult task. But many candidates don't even receive automated rejection emails. 

Just sending a resume and not hearing back is not ghosting. However, candidates may experience ghosting by recruiters after phone screening, post-job interview, and in the middle of the hiring process. For example, you are done with two stages of the hiring process and never receive a call for the final stage; This is ghosting. And it is very frustrating and demotivating for job seekers like you. 

Job hunters often have few questions in their minds like 🧐

  • Why do I keep getting ghosted by recruiters?
  • What to do next if the recruiter ghosted me?
  • How to follow up with a recruiter after being ghosted? 
Are you also waiting to here back from the recruiter like this?
Are you also waiting to here back from the recruiter like this?

To help you navigate these situations, we have lucidly listed three essential steps to follow after being ghosted. So join us below. 

1. Follow up with your recruiter but don't spam their inbox. 

Send a simple and polite email to the recruiter. Sometimes a small effort of follow-up can open communication lines for you. Here is an example of a good follow-up Email.

Hey, Nikita (hiring manager's name), 
I hope this email finds you well. It was great talking to you last week about the senior front-end developer position (open position) at Amazon (name of organization). I am glad to know about your expectations for the role. And I think my experience and qualification makes me an excellent fit for this position. I am eager to grab this opportunity and step into the role.
I was supposed to get informed on the next steps of the process by this Friday, but I haven't heard back yet. Do you have any updates on the job position we discussed?

I appreciate your consideration, and I hope to hear back from you soon. 

Kind Regards,Jaden Smith (Your Name)

Value their time and wait for a few days before following up next time. Don't expect to hear back immediately. As advised by FAANGPath Mentor Puneet Kohli, who is currently working in Apple as a computer vision engineer, "After the first follow up candidate should wait three days for the next follow-up and then five days for the third and final follow up."  

"After the first follow up, candidates should wait three days for the next follow-up, and then five days for the third (final) follow up."  

Puneet Kohli, FAANGPath Mentor
Keep following up with your recruiter!
Keep following up with your recruiter!

You may feel frustrated 😩  after not getting a response on your follow-ups, but still, don't be disrespectful in your communication because this will affect your personal brand. Even if you don't receive the response, don't lose hope and look for other opportunities. 

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2. Learn your lesson and move on. 

Analyze the process and bounce back
Analyze the process and bounce back

If you don't receive any response even after sending three follow-up emails and messages, don't wait for the magic to happen. Instead, analyze the entire process and see what could have been done better and learn lessons for future job opportunities. Here are few important lessons that you can learn after being ghosted. 

It's reasonable to ask about the timeline of different stages of recruitment in the first conversation with the recruiter itself. 

You can ask the following questions to employers to have clarity about the hiring process. 

  • What are the next steps?
  • When and how should I follow up?
  • Is there any fixed deadline for a hiring decision? 
  • Is there any fixed deadline for a hiring decision? 
  • How long does it take to receive feedback after the interview process?
  • When will I hear your final decision? 

Asking these kinds of questions will give you clarity about the timeline of the hiring process and help you avoid ghosting situations. 

Review your performance and ask yourself simple questions

  • Did I give my best?
  • Is there any scope of improvement? 
  • Did I follow up appropriately? 

However, it's also equally important to understand that there is a high probability that ghosting by a recruiter may not be your fault at all. Maybe they (recruiter) are on vacation, they are still interviewing other candidatesπŸ‘¨β€πŸ’», they are waiting for their team's feedback, or they just forgot about the conversation they had with you. 

And If you are worried 😞 about your wasted time in interviews or calls, acknowledge that every experience taught us something. While your journey may have started with the aim of securing a job at big tech companies, each failure, rejection, and ghosting will teach you many lessons. 

Continue your job search!
Continue your job search!

The most crucial lesson to learn here is, until and unless you have received the offer letter and any formal commitment, don't put your job search on hold. 

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3. Don't take it personally. 


Understand that recruiters receive thousands of applications for a single position. Thus, it is almost impossible to send personalized emails to every candidate -- though it is not a good practice on employers' side. 

Changes in priority, busy schedule, the influx of internal referrals, or simply lack of professionalism may result in ghosting by the recruiter. So don't take it personally. 

And if a recruiter has ghosted you, don't get disheartened but accept that this is a part of the job-hunting game.

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The flip side of the coin - Candidates Also Ghosts Recruiters. 

Ron Swanson showing us how candidates ghost recruiters
Ron Swanson showing us how candidates ghost recruiters

Candidates ghosting recruiters and employers ghosting job seekers are two sides of the same coin. While everyone is talking about ghosting by recruiters, there are many stories where recruiters have faced ghosting by employees.

According to the survey by Indeed, 28% of surveyed job seekers have ghosted an employer, and 76% of employers have been ghosted in the same time frame. Due to job offers from another company, low salary, lost interest in open positions, candidates ghosts employers. 

Well, whether it's a recruiter or a candidate, everyone deserves closure. But that's not the case in the hiring industry. 


Ghosting is the byproduct of the hiring process. And it has always been a topic of discussion in the recruitment world. But still, there is no universal solution to this. However, following a few simple steps may ease your journey. Like, following up with a recruiter will offer you respite from the tedious process of waiting for an interview call or Email from a hiring manager, knowing the timeline will allow you to avoid future inconvenience and lessons.

Well, the journey to get a dream job is full of hurdles and challenges. And the most challenging part is "Ghosting." But the biggest lesson you can learn from the phenomenon of ghosting is to keep trying. 

So keep trying and enjoy your job hunting!

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