How reaching out to people on LinkedIn can be a game-changer in your job search.

updated on 17 August 2021

Today is the time when every job seeker should use digital platforms like LinkedIn to smoothen their job search. Read this article and find out how you can leverage the world's largest professional platform to skyrocket your career. 

LinkedIn- best friend of every job seeker
LinkedIn- best friend of every job seeker

In a job search process, many options and tools may be overlooked. And reaching out to professionals on LinkedIn is one of them. Being aware of these considerations will allow you to accelerate your career.

In the not so fun journey of job hunting, many questions will cross your mind🧐, such as --

  • Is it okay to directly message recruiters on LinkedIn? 
  • What is an ideal way to message recruiters, employees, and industry experts on LinkedIn? 
  • How reaching out to professionals on LinkedIn will help me get a job? 

So here we will try to answer all your queries🤗. And discuss how effective networking on LinkedIn is a key to your dream job. This article will cover the following points-

Let's get started!

Sending a great connection invite is an underrated art.

Send a personalized connection invite
Send a personalized connection invite

Three hundred characters of the personalized invite is an ideal opportunity for a job-seeker to make an excellent first impression 😇 on the reader. So, send customized connection requests to potential recruiters, employees at your dream company, industry experts, and mentors. 

But avoid using generic messages like, "I would like to connect with you," "Hi, how are you?", or "I would like to add to you my professional network." If you send these kinds of messages, there is a high probability that you will never hear back. Actually, it's almost certain that they will not reply because they receive many such vague messages every day. 

For example, Nikita Gupta, founder of FAANGPath and technical recruiter at Amazon, receives at least 200 connection invites every day, and only 1% of these requests have a personalized note or message. And presently, she has over 8000 unaccepted invitations on LinkedIn. 

Here the secret is to catch their attention by sending compelling connection requests. Follow these six pro tips to write a persuasive connection request message- 

  1. The best way to get started is to ask yourself a question "Why do I want to connect with the person I am sending an invite to?" And then state that reason clearly in your message. 
  2. Keep your message short and crisp. And get straight to the point.
  3. Customize your connection request for every person.
  4. If you have any mutual connection, mention their name and how you know them in a simple sentence like, "Hey Nikita, I am glad that we both are connected to John. He was my co-worker at…." 
  5. Make your message professional but don't write like a robot. Add a small personal touch.
  6. Add questions and ask for their opinion and advice to keep the conversation going.

Once they accept your request, follow up and discuss the related topics. 

However, you can also invite FAANGPath mentors Nikita Gupta, Puneet Kohli, Vrinda Jain to connect on LinkedIn. They will guide you throughout your job search journey and provide you mentorship to land your dream job. Also, to get more tips on "How to network on LinkedIn," you can follow FAANGPath

FAANGPath's official LinkedIn page
FAANGPath's official LinkedIn page

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Messaging recruiters to get hired at their company. 

Approaching recruiters directly on LinkedIn is a great way to present yourself as a potential candidate in front of them. But every day, hundreds of job aspirants send messages to recruiters. So you have to put extra effort 👨‍💻 to get noticed by them.

Recruiters appreciate efforts. Thus, run through their profiles and make notes 📝 of-

  • Which roles are they hiring for?
  • Do you have any common interests?
  • Are you eligible for roles they are hiring for?   

While sharing one of her recent experiences Nikita Gupta, technical recruiter at Amazon, said, "Every day I receive many random messages like 'Can you please hire me?', 'Are you hiring for roles on my profile?', 'Is there an opening at your organization?'" 

"People are not even eager to spend time checking what roles I am hiring for, whereas my LinkedIn profile mentions it clearly," she added. 

Nikita Gupta's LinkedIn profile
Nikita Gupta's LinkedIn profile

Follow these five tips to increase the chances of receiving a reply from the recruiter-

  1. Make sure that you optimize your LinkedIn profile and highlight relevant experience and skills.
  2. Ensure that you are not wasting their time by asking irrelevant questions.
  3. Be direct in your approach. Avoid sending lengthy messages.
  4. While describing your experience and qualification in the message, use keywords mentioned in the job description.
  5.  Your message should reflect your interest in their company.

Here is an example- 

"Hi, Nikita( name of the recruiter) 
Your profile popped up when I was searching for a recruiter at Amazon(name of their company). And after going through your profile, I noticed that you are currently hiring for a front-end engineer role at Amazon(name of their company). And I am a passionate web developer with over eight years of front-end experience. I am eager to know more about this opening. Can we connect over a call?"

Message recruiters to get hired at their companies
Message recruiters to get hired at their companies

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Contacting an employee to get referred for a job. 

Almost all tech giants run employment referrals programs, where existing employees can refer you to recruiters for open positions at your dream company. And getting referred to a dream company is no less than hitting the jackpot 😀. So, if you don't want your resume to get lost in a pile of other thousand resumes, don't hesitate to ask for a referral. 

But how should you reach out to employees to get referred to your dream company🤔? 

How to ask for a referral?
How to ask for a referral?

Follow these five tips to increase the chances of getting a referral-

  1. Read the job description thoroughly and make sure that you are eligible for the role and satisfy the job criteria you are seeking a referral for.
  2. If possible, find a person (employee) who is working in the same domain as you.
  3. Presume that they are busy and keep your message short and crisp. But avoid using sentences like "I am not worth your time, but still I am reaching out to you," "Sorry to disturb you." Be confident 😎.
  4. If you don't know the employee personally, avoid asking for a referral in the first message itself. Build a strong connection first and then strategically ask for a referral.
  5. While asking for a referral, make sure that you attach a resume and link to the job posting.

But how should you start the conversation? 

Here is an example-

"Hi Puneet, I saw you have been working for Apple for more than a year now. Also, I am very inspired after reading a post on your ‘featured section’ about you completing one year at Apple (add a personal touch). I just started my job search, and Apple is my dream company. Would you like to share your work experience there? I did some research online (show your efforts), but knowing it from someone who is working there is definitely better." 

If the person replies, thank them and take the conversation ahead. Tell them you are applying for a job position in their company. You can even ask for their advice like "Do you think learning this skill or software will increase my credibility as a candidate for this job" Once you establish a strong connection, you can ask for a referral easily. 


Every morning Puneet Kohli, computer vision engineer at Apple, wakes up to many random messages on LinkedIn asking for a referral. On asking his advice for job seekers, he said, 

"For job seekers who reach out for a referral, first off, there's nothing wrong in doing so, and you can't get what you don't ask for. Basically — ask! Now, coming to HOW to ask — Be professional and do your homework! Mention how you found the (potential) referrer, anything you saw in common (e.g., same undergrad, same hometown, mutual connections, etc.), the role you want to be referred for, why you think you're a good fit, and your resume. At that point, it's up to the referrer, but you've given them enough information to decide on whether to refer you or not. On the flip side, something along the lines of, 'Please refer me' will more likely than not lead to your request being ignored."

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Reaching out to Industry experts for career advice. 

Reaching out to industry experts on LinkedIn
Reaching out to industry experts on LinkedIn

Follow these five tips while reaching out to industry experts for career advice and guidance-

  1. Ask for advice, not for a favor.
  2. Do not ask too many questions in the first message. 
  3. Your message should reflect your eagerness to learn and gain knowledge.
  4. You can react and comment 💬 on their recent posts. So they can recognize you when you outreach them.
  5. You can start your message by appreciating their work or congratulating them on their recent achievement.

Here is an example:

"Today, I read your article titled 'My journey as Scrum Master" on LinkedIn. And after reading, I can't stop myself texting you. The way you shared your experience and knowledge in the article is extraordinary. You are already working as a Scrum Master for five years. Would you like to give me advice as I am just starting my career as Scrum Master"


Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up! 

Sending a message is just 10% of the job; the main task is to follow-up with the right strategy. Keep track of recruiters, employees, industry experts, and professionals you are reaching out to. Wait for a few days after sending the first message and then follow up patiently. After the first follow-up, you should wait three days for the subsequent follow-up and then five days for the third and final follow-up. 


Final takeaways 

The journey from being a job aspirant to cracking the dream company is a difficult one. But the harsh reality is, "Can you help me get a job" will never help you get a job 😔. You have to plan your every step strategically. And reaching out to professionals on LinkedIn can play an essential role in accelerating your career.

The only LinkedIn hack that every job seeker should know is "Find the right people, build a strong connection with them, and strategically ask for their help and then patiently follow up." 

All the best 👍!

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