How to leverage Clubhouse to find a job - The Ultimate Guide By FAANGPath.

published on 13 July 2021

This article talks about the best practices to use Clubhouse to find a job in tier 1 companies. And how job seekers can leverage the platform to skyrocket their careers.

The Clubhouse app
The Clubhouse app

LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the newest member to join this club of popular social media sites are "Clubhouse," the drop-in audio chat app. 

So let me guess, these days you are spending hours in Clubhouse without even realizing it!

Don't worry; it's not just you, but the platform is booming across the globe. 

Officially launched in March 2020 by co-founders Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, it now has over 10 million weekly active users. Clubhouse was introduced to the world amid the pandemic, but now it is making noise across the globe. Well, every year, many social media startups begin and fail, but these days Clubhouse is a shining star. The app was initially available for iPhone users only, but since May 2021, the app is also live for Android users. 

From Elon Musk to Mark Zuckerburg, from Orphan Winfrey to Chris Rock, there are many big names on "Clubhouse".

A recent tweet by Clubhouse states that the platform is witnessing more than 500K room creation every day. From "How restaurants are making post-covid comeback" to "What is moral leadership and how does it matter," Clubhouse rooms are covering everything. 

Live discussions, chat rooms, real-time conversation, informal conference calls, fantastic audio sessions, and many more cool Clubhouse features are attracting millions of people to the platform. Founders of early-stage startups, CEOs of multi-million companies, prominent influencers, top thought leaders, industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, renowned celebrities, business tycoons- everyone is on this booming platform.

Apart from all these fantastic benefits, Clubhouse can even help you land your dream job. 

Yes, you heard it right! Every day thousands of recruiters, hiring managers, and human resource (HR) experts host rooms in clubhouses to find ideal candidates for their companies. The invitation-only audio app Clubhouse is an emerging hub of opportunities for job-seekers. It has many features to help people with their job search.

You want to sip tea and hear the conversation, you want to relax but don't want to miss the discussion, you want the comfort of your couch and still want to get hired at your dream- believe me, Clubhouse is your place! So follow these steps to use Clubhouse to find your dream job. 

Beware! You are choosing your interest. 

As you enter the app through the invite link, you will get a chance to select your interests. While choosing these interests, keep in mind that you are on the platform to create a network and to know industry experts. At a later stage, Clubhouse will personalize your experience and suggest rooms, people, and clubs based on these interests. 

The Clubhouse "Interest" section itself says, "Add more interests so we can begin to personalize the Clubhouse for you." 

"Interests" section of Clubhouse

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Finally, it's time to set up a profile for hiring rooms.

So you are new on the platform! Set up an impressive profile to get noticed by hiring managers. Follow these steps to create a perfect profile.   

  1. Your profile photo is your first impression. And this is the only thing (other than your name) to be visible in live rooms. Thus upload a professional profile picture. It's even better if you select your LinkedIn profile photo for clubhouse hiring rooms. 
  2.  Write a bio that highlights your goals, skills, expertise, and experience. Make sure that your profile helps you get noticed in the right way. Here is an example of a perfect clubhouse bio.
  3. Link your Twitter and Instagram accounts. And include the URL of your LinkedIn profile. Also, putting an Email ID is not a bad idea. 
  4. Include essential keywords in your bio so that recruiters (colleagues, past co-workers) can find you easily.
  5. Set up your Clubhouse in a way that reflects your job preferences and career goals. 
A great example of how to setup your Clubhouse bio!
A great example of how to setup your Clubhouse bio!

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"Hallway" your way to grab the opportunity. 

"Hallway" is the home page of Clubhouse. Based on your interests, people and clubs you follow, and your history, the Clubhouse algorithm recommends rooms in your Hallway. So whenever you open Clubhouse, scroll your feed and find "rooms" of your interest and enjoy the live conservations. 

Your Clubhouse
Your Clubhouse "Hallway"

Explore the "Explore" page 

Magnifying glass icon on the homepage of Clubhouse will land you on the explore page. Here you can search for different topics, people and clubs. 

Find people who have similar interests and work in the same industry as you. And follow the career experts, recruiters, mentors ( for example, FAANGPath mentors Nikita Gupta, Puneet Kohli, Vrinda Jain) to know when they are joining rooms and when you can get a chance to converse with them.   

Search for profiles of mentors and recruiters (and follow them)!
Search for profiles of mentors and recruiters (and follow them)!

Join clubs

So as the name suggests, "Clubhouse" has something to do with "clubs." 

Clubhouse "clubs" are somewhat similar to LinkedIn groups. People with shared interests and shared passion are the members of these clubs. People of these clubs host various rooms together. 

Check out the clubs related to your career, specialization, and industry. Always remember, "Engagement is the key." Therefore, continuously engage in rooms or events organized by these clubs.  

And if you are a clubhouse newbie, you can also follow Clubhouse "community club" to get the latest updates about the app and sign up at for news and updates.  

Clubs to join for getting hired!
Clubs to join for getting hired!

Moreover, follow these clubs to skyrocket your career and speed up your job search-

Startup Club: This club revolves around startups and entrepreneurship. Startup club hosts many events where founders can pitch open roles in their organization and candidates can find jobs. 

Hiring Demystified: This is a place where you can directly connect to hiring managers and recruiters and get interview tips. 

Thought Leadership Branding: This space will help you build a more substantial and more impactful personal brand. Join their rooms to build professional relationships, get new content ideas, and enhance communication skills. 

FAANGPath Guidance: The club aims to help you get hired at FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Microsoft) and other top tech companies. The FAANGPath Guidance club regularly conducts rooms to review LinkedIn profiles and resumes of job seekers. 

The FAANGPath Guidance Club
The FAANGPath Guidance Club

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Get into the virtual room and pitch yourself.

Many such "rooms" run on Clubhouse where groups of recruiters talk about their company and employees pitch themselves for open positions. So find the rooms where hiring activity is going on. 

Okay, so you have found the perfect room. 

Now, Just tap to listen!

An example room for job seekers on Clubhouse
An example room for job seekers on Clubhouse

Participating in different rooms will help you build a strong network and expand your connections. Keep an eye on upcoming events and set notifications by clicking the bell icon. 

While you are in the room, use the "Raise hand" icon to ask questions and become a part of ongoing discussions. This feature will notify the moderator that you have something to say.  

Oops! The room is not for you. 

Don't worry. You can leave it quietly with the "Leave quietly" option. 

As FAANGPath mentor Vrinda Jain suggests, use the rule of "30 Seconds, 30 Words, 3 sentences" to present yourself in a room full of employers. So, take only 30 seconds, use 30 powerful words, and summarize your talk in 3 sentences. Always mention your latest work experience, highest education, and career plans.  

Speak to hiring managers

Would you mind doing your homework and making notes of the hiring manager's requirements and details of job openings while they speak in different rooms?

Well, you should not because this makes you stand out from the crowd.  

After discussion, reach out to employers through details in their bio (Twitter, Instagram, Email, LinkedIn) as Clubhouse has no direct messaging feature. If they have mentioned their preferred platform during the conversation, make sure that you use that only to reach out.  

Keep your message short and crisp and reflect the skills required for the role. Also, ensure that your bio section is complete and updated.  


Stop staring at the screen and make your ears active because Clubhouse is your new friend in your job search. These days Clubhouse is the best place to build a network, create community, and interact with industry experts.    

On the one hand, the platform is attracting employers, HR professionals, and recruitment firms from all over the world. And on the other hand, it is tempting college freshers and job seekers by offering a bundle of learning opportunities. It is acting as a bridge between job aspirants and headhunters.

Recruiters regularly host rooms to acquire talent, collaborate with other recruiters, and share expert tips. Thus, this is a great way to speak to recruiters and employers of top tech companies. Clubhouse can even help you get referred to your dream company if you use it effectively. 

Clubhouse communities can help people land their dream jobs and are real gold for all job seekers. 

At FAANGPath, our experienced team helps talented people get hired at FAANG and other top tech companies. We provide a resume review, LinkedIn makeover, 1:1 mentorship, mock interview services for students and professionals. And you get these services now! 

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