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updated on 29 September 2022

You may have gotten a resume review or LinkedIn makeover for your FAANG or top tech companies' applications, and started applying to jobs posted online. But what if we told you there is a hidden job market with hundreds of opportunities that you may not have yet unlocked?

You heard it right. There is really something called the 'hidden job market.' It is a term used to refer to open jobs that have been posted online on job boards or company websites but exist in companies. With the emergence of powerful professional networking platforms like LinkedIn, companies often fill positions through talent from their employees' networks, via employee referrals, or by finding candidates on LinkedIn using its LinkedIn recruiter feature.

You'll be shocked to find out that 80% of available jobs are part of the hidden job market. This means that regardless of the job search tools you use to find the best opportunities on the internet, there are hundreds of opportunities you may be missing out on if you are not looking for them in the right places.

What Is Our Hiring Search Tool?

Recruiters use something called X-Ray or Boolean Search to look for candidates that would be the best fit for the roles they're hiring for. Instead of looking for candidates manually, they use it as a tool to get a targeted list of candidates that fit their hiring criteria best. 

While hiring professionals have plenty of such tools available to look for candidates, only few job search tools are available for job seekers to find hiring professionals similarly.

Finding the right people to get hired is often a challenging task.
Finding the right people to get hired is often a challenging task.

We have created our hiring search tool to solve this problem and make job search easier for job seekers. Our Hiring Search tool uses the same X-Ray or Boolean Search that recruiters use, but instead, this tool will help you locate LinkedIn profiles for all the recruiters, hiring managers, or team leads who're hiring actively for their companies.

Sounds interesting? Read ahead to learn more about X-Ray search, how to use our Hiring Search tool, and how you can leverage the network you unlock to land your dream FAANG+ job!

What Is X-Ray Search And How Does It Work?

X-Ray Search, also known as Boolean Search, has been used by recruiters and hiring managers to source candidates for a long time now. X-Ray or Boolean search is a powerful tool because it can help you find information that you might not be able to see with a traditional search engine.

To explain simply, X-Ray search uses Boolean search strings on any search engine that allows you to combine words and phrases to narrow, broaden, or define your search by utilizing the Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT. Although a standard search would fetch you results available on the internet, using a Boolean search query will allow you to widen your search for the specific information you're looking for or limit it by omitting irrelevant results that may not be useful.

Let us understand this with an example - when you run a regular search for recruiters who are actively hiring on Google, it will show you thousands of results that may have the keywords you have used in your search. These results may be related to the information you wanted to search but not precisely what you may be looking for - in this case, recruiters who are actively hiring as of that present date. On the other hand, if you search for the same information using boolean operators like AND, OR, and NOT, the search engine will only display a targeted list of recruiters, hiring managers, or team leads hiring for any roles through platforms like LinkedIn or others.

This is exactly how our Hiring Search tool works. Hiring professionals have been using X-Ray search tools to find the right and qualified candidates for a long time, and we wanted to create a similar tool for job seekers to find the right people who can help them get hired!

How To Use Our Hiring Search Tool

There are a lot of hiring sites and job search tools available online. However, even the best platforms to look for jobs will only display openings that have been posted online. 

Our FAANGPath X-Ray search tool will allow you to tap into the hidden job market and help you curate a targeted list of LinkedIn profiles of anyone hiring for the companies, skills, locations, or other details specified by you.

Here's what our Hiring Search tool looks like, followed by detailed information on how to use it.

FAANGPath X-Ray Search Tool
FAANGPath X-Ray Search Tool

As you can see, the tool is pretty easy to use. You only have to enter the following details, and it will generate a Google search with information on all hiring professionals with open positions in your target company/role/location.

- Enter the name of the company you want to join. You can insert more than one company name and also edit the boolean operator to decide whether you want results for either of the companies or all of them. To insert the company name, type it in the company field and click Enter.

- Insert a list of skills you have that you think hiring professionals would be looking for. These keywords will help you find results for jobs looking for the skill set you have. 

- If you have a specific location in mind for the job opportunities you are looking for, select it from our drop-down list. You can choose only one country at a time when generating results. This will help you get accurate results and prevent information clutter.

- Enter the title of the role you're targeting. You can add more than one role title in this field to cover all possible similar or completely different positions.

Additional Keywords to include and exclude
- If there are any additional keywords you may have come across in job postings that you would like to include or exclude to refine your search results, you can add them here.

: Complete all the fields to filter out your search for the best results matching your query.

: To insert the information in all fields, type it out and hit Enter. Our tool takes OR as the default boolean operator when you hit Enter, but you can change it to AND by clicking on the existing operator in the field.

Wait...that's not it! There's something more for you.

You can also save and share your queries, so you don't have to fill in all the details each time you need to research for the role. Once you have filled out the details, you can choose to save the queries and give them a name you want. You can save multiple queries and use them again when looking for more results for the same roles.

How Are Our Hiring Search Tool Results Different?

When you look for hiring professionals on LinkedIn, it will only show select profiles, and not all of them may be hiring. Our Hiring Search tool makes it easy to find the complete list without selecting from multiple filters for incomplete results.

Here's how our Hiring Search tool results are different from those displayed on LinkedIn:

  • Searching through our Hiring Search tool produces 100s of results matching your specifications compared to LinkedIn, which will have around 5 results for a similar query.
  • Unlike LinkedIn, which does not show profiles of ALL the recruiters and ranks accounts based on the number of posts they have. Our Hiring Search tool allows you to search for anyone hiring based on keywords on the profile, regardless of whether they have posted about it.
  • LinkedIn only allows you to look for profiles based on their roles and companies. On the other hand, our Hiring Search tool allows you to look for hiring professionals based on your skills or additional keywords.

We've prepared an example for you to understand this better.

Here are the results of a normal LinkedIn search for recruiters who are hiring Software Engineers at Google in the United States.

As you can see, it only shows a few relevant results, followed by profiles of people who are only Software Engineers at the company and not hiring.

Normal LinkedIn Search Results for the query - Hiring Software Engineers at Google
Normal LinkedIn Search Results for the query - Hiring Software Engineers at Google

On the other hand, here are results for the same query from our Hiring Search tool.

It produces 100s of results for the same query, most of which are accurate profiles of recruiters, hiring managers, and team leads who are actively hiring Software Engineers at Google.

Hiring Search Tool Results for the query - Hiring Software Engineers at Google
Hiring Search Tool Results for the query - Hiring Software Engineers at Google

We've Created Some Sample Queries For You!

To help you get started, we’ve created the following sample queries to give you a better idea of how our tool works. Check them out!

  1. Frontend Software Engineer at Google, India -
  2. Frontend Software Engineer at Google, UK -
  3. Backend Software Engineer at Amazon, USA -
  4. Backend Software Engineer at Microsoft, USA -
  5. Machine Learning Engineer at Apple, USA -
  6. Machine Learning Engineer at Microsoft, UK -
  7. Software Engineer at Amazon, India -
  8. Financial Analytics at Bloomberg LP, UK -
  9. Product Manager at Google, USA -
  10. UX Designer, USA -
  11. Marketing Analyst, USA -
  12. Data Scientist,

How To Use The Results You Find Through Our Tool?

Many job seekers think they can land their dream job in no time if they have access to the right network. This is only partially true. 

Finding the right people is only half the task; the other half is reaching out to them and building a relationship that can help you land an interview chance.

Once you have a targeted list of LinkedIn profiles of recruiters and hiring managers from your dream companies, follow these tips:

1) Send Them a Connection Invite on LinkedIn

When you have identified the people who can help you get hired, send them a connection invite on LinkedIn. However, a simple connection invite will not tell them WHY you want to connect with them. 

Add a personalized note with your invite stating you'd like to connect with them regarding a role they are hiring for. These few words in the message can help increase the chances of your invite being accepted.

2) Send an Outreach Text

Reach out to them once your request has been accepted. If they have shared a post or mentioned somewhere that they would like to receive your resume in their inbox, feel free to attach it. Otherwise, simply show your interest in the role in this first message.

You can use this draft to cold message recruiters:

Hi <RecruiterName>,

Thanks for connecting with me! I came across your profile while looking for recruiters hiring actively for the role of <RoleName> at <CompanyName>. I recently graduated from <UniversityName> and am looking to apply for this position. I have previously interned with a company as a <RoleName> and feel confident I'll be a good fit for this role. If you are the right person to connect with for this, I would like to share more information about me along with my resume and learn more about the role. 


3) Follow Up

It is absolutely normal if you haven't heard back from the recruiter or hiring manager. That doesn't mean you should give up. Follow up with them again in a couple of days and see if you can get a response.


Our Hiring Search tool is free for all job seekers so they can benefit from it. Once you’ve connected with the right people, you’ve taken the first step towards your dream job. Take a look at our website for any resume writing support you may need to take your application forward and land interview calls from your target companies!

Our team of 100+ FAANG+ mentors would be more than happy to help you!

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