How to Prepare for Job Opportunities at Meta and the Metaverse?

published on 27 November 2021

Imagine attending concerts from the comfort of your home 🎫 or battling with friends ⚔️ or working out on a volcano 🌋 or being able to play your favorite game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in virtual reality! 😎 That is all the metaverse is about!

Meta in Greek means ‘after’ or ‘beyond'.
Meta in Greek means ‘after’ or ‘beyond'.

A few weeks ago, CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced Meta, which was earlier called Facebook. Meta aims to bring the metaverse to life by providing incredible experiences to users to socialize, connect with people and grow businesses. Through the change, Meta aims to focus on establishing interconnected digital spaces for a centralized virtual world that allows you to do things you can’t do in the physical world.

The metaverse can offer more than just gaming, and can serve different purposes related to work, entertainment, fitness and more.
The metaverse can offer more than just gaming, and can serve different purposes related to work, entertainment, fitness and more.

While the metaverse is years away from coming into complete existence, Meta believes parts of it already exist. This also means the AR(Augmented Reality) and VR(Virtual Reality) industries will see a plethora of new job opportunities arising in the time to come. According to Tech Jury, the AR and VR market is expected to grow to $209.2 billion by 2022. 📈

So what does it mean for people who’re looking to work in FAANG+ companies, or more specifically META?

In this blog, we will talk about opportunities available at Meta and how to prepare for them 🎯.

Career Paths To Consider in the AR/VR Industry

Meta is currently hiring for over 850 roles within its AR/VR teams. These include Software Engineers, Computer Vision & Machine Learning Engineers, Technical Programs Managers, Product Managers, Product Designers, Research Scientists, Brand Strategists...and hundreds more!

Facebook, now Meta, also plans to hire over 100,000 employees in the EU over the next five years to build this ‘metaverse’. It is aimed at strengthening the European tech industry and the potential of European tech talent.

Mark Zuckerberg envisions the ‘metaverse’ as a world that will go beyond the internet.
Mark Zuckerberg envisions the ‘metaverse’ as a world that will go beyond the internet.

As Meta attempts to delve in the AR and VR industries even more rigorously, the demand for specialists capable of designing and enhancing these augmented experiences will continue to rise even further. Here’s a list of career opportunities within the AR/VR industry that you could consider:

  1. Software Developers/Engineers

    Since there will always be a need for professionals who can code all the interaction capabilities that drive the AR/VR experiences, Software Developers/Engineers have great opportunities for themselves within the field. Developers and Engineers proficient with programming languages like C#, C++ or Swift and have experience working with video game engines like Unity or Unreal could look to apply to these roles. Knowledge of coding languages like Python, PHP, HTML, CSS etc could be great to be successful in this role.

  2. Product/Project/Program Managers

    Project/Program/Product Managers play a pivotal role in the ideation, design, development or execution of products or projects or programs in the teams. A good product manager is one that works through a deep understanding of both business and market Especially in the AR/VR industry,it is must to know the AR/VR principals to be successful in the job. Job seekers who have exposure or experience with product lifecycle management, building strategy and execution for development programs or driving successful product outcomes must keep an eye on the current and future career opportunities at Meta!

  3. AR/VR Designers

    Facebook, now known as Meta, aims to build immersive experiences beyond the physical world dimensions. AR/VR Designers are responsible not just to design a game, but a whole new world that the users would want to plunge into and engage with. These roles generally demand for an understanding of programming, UX design and graphics.

  4. 3D Artists/Scene Designers

    3D Artists play an important role in VR teams since they are mostly based on 3D content. From preparing the 3D content, to putting the 3D assets together and building models for animations, if these are areas that interest you, considering these roles within AR/VR teams at Meta can be a great opportunity for you! A few skills/tools to focus on for such roles would be Unity, Game Engines, Zbrush etc.

    BONUS: The metaverse has potential to create far many more job opportunities in unimaginable ways. While business and engineering jobs will be crucial to build the metaverse, once created, jobs for creators, performers, participants, builders etc. will flourish too. To build elements that other players and performers can use in the metaverse, it’ll take a lot of creators and artists. Essentially, every person in the metaverse will be a part of its creator economy. Communities will have the potential to bring these creators, performers and participants within the metaverse together. A lot of other jobs within the metaverse could include character designers, fashion designers, modelers, composers, videographers and more!

    While these are only a few, there are hundreds of other job roles you could explore on the Meta Careers Website.

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But the Question is….How Do You Prepare for These Roles? 🤔

Candidates looking to get into the AR/VR industry or companies like Meta are faced with fierce competition, not only in terms of skill set but also imagination and creativity. Preparing for the role and standing out from the rest of the candidates is of utmost importance to crack your interview.

So where should you get started to be a part of companies building this metaverse?
So where should you get started to be a part of companies building this metaverse?

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Focus On Your Skillset

The first step to this preparation is building the right skillset. Here is an overview of a few top skills candidates looking for roles in the AR/VR teams within Meta must focus upon:

  1. Programming

    Programming is a basic skill you will require for several roles. Learning programming languages like C++, C#, JavaScript etc is very essential. Although you might not be extremely proficient in all of them, always ensure you’ve mastered one/two languages and you can always learn new languages in future. Most software developer/engineer roles require a Bachelors in Computer Science. However, that is not the only way to learn programming. With an ample number of resources and courses available online, learning programming has become easier than ever for tech interviews.

  2. XR(Extended Reality) Knowledge

    Knowledge of the XR domain is a must. Focus on learning terminologies associated with XR, enrol to some courses to learn more about it and clear your foundations. XR is an umbrella term that consists of sub-areas like:

    - AR(Augmented Reality)
    - VR(Virtual Reality)
    - MR(Mixed Reality)

    Find out more about various AR/VR/MR applications and how they are used.

  3. Design Knowledge

    Candidates targeting Design roles must spend enough time understanding the different design aspects associated with VR and AR. Building great experiences requires an equal amount of technical knowledge and creativity. Learn more about topics like design thinking, usability, accessibility and more to understand what it takes to design the best user experiences.

  4. Soft Skills

    Soft skills are often overlooked in the preparation process. However, these are actually the skills you’ll use the most on the job. No matter what you do, soft skills like communication, time management, leadership, solution-oriented thinking, teamwork etc. will determine how well you manage to do your work. Companies like Meta operate on creativity and innovation and your soft skills will facilitate the communication and thinking you require to ace those aspects.
Internships or volunteering opportunities can be a great way to practice your skills and get started.
Internships or volunteering opportunities can be a great way to practice your skills and get started.

Last but never the least…

Optimize Your Resume! 🚀

After acquiring all your skills, to get your foot in the door, what you’ll need is an optimized resume that conveys fully what you’ve done and what you want to do!

To stand out from the rest of the candidates and build a resume for your dream job, read our blog:

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Building a Future-Proof Career!

Regardless of the role you choose to focus upon, the AR-VR industry will continue to grow in the coming years. Its applications are not just limited to the world of gaming, but also within the fields of health, education and more! Lastly, if you’re looking to apply specifically to Meta, do a thorough research on their values and beliefs. Their five core values greatly influence the way teams within the company work and how it works towards their final mission of bringing the world closer together.

These values are:

  • Move fast
  • Be bold
  • Focus on impact
  • Be pen
  • Build social value

That’s all you need to start your prep for job opportunities at Meta!
Start preparing today and set yourself up for success! 💯

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