The Art of Networking on LinkedIn

updated on 13 July 2021

Whether you are a student, working professional, or an active jobseeker, you have probably heard of LinkedIn. It is the #1 professional networking site spanning over a 660million members on its platform. With employers from across the globe sharing job postings and employees sharing open roles on their teams — it is almost like a job seeker’s Disneyland when used the right way.

Networking on LinkedIn is truly an art because it involves building a human connection digitally. While you can try all the tips and tricks with your resume, the ATS, and all other aspects of the job search, building effective and good communication is key when it comes to networking. Today, most of us send out direct applications and then get disappointed when we receive the same generic response (Thank you for your time and consideration, but…) 

The fact is that traditional methods no longer work as effectively, especially when you have thousands of other applicants doing the same thing.
The key is to build the right network to land the job of your dreams.

So how can you master the art of networking on LinkedIn?

Customize connection requests!

The golden rule to adding someone you do not know on LinkedIn is to include a message. We forget that approaching strangers online is as challenging as approaching them in person. It would help if you established a warm bond first. Try making the message personal and expressing interest in getting to know them versus straight-up ball dropping your ask (E.g., I need a job)

Bonus Points: Browse through their profile to see what you find interesting and why you’re excited to connect with them.


Creating Content

Did you know only 1% of the total members on LinkedIn actively create and post content? This is great news because it allows you to jump right in and impact building your network and, in turn, BUILD. YOUR. BRAND (which is what recruiters love)

But then comes the question. What content do you write or share? The simple answer is — Anything about yourself! Keeping your content personal but valuable not just draws people to your posts but also builds a sense of curiosity about you. For example, if you are a student, you can share various topics you are learning about in school and how that can be applied to the corporate world. If you are a working professional, you can share information about your company or any work/productivity hacks that help you in your day. If you are a job-seeker, share content around the roles you’re targeting and the side hustles you have to go on.

Bonus points: Make your story personal and write about what you love. Being authentic is key!


Sometimes it can get overwhelming to stand out in the pool. If creating content is not your cup of tea, we got you! What you can do instead is interact with people who post content regularly. Read what your followers are writing about and how you can add value. E.g., When you see an interesting post, instead of just commenting “great” or “awesome,” add value to it. Express why this resonated with you and what your thoughts are.

Bonus points: Always tag the person back in the comments, so they are notified right away!


Give before you receive

The only thing more disappointing than slow internet is when you see a request from a stranger asking for a favor. As they say in sales, warm leads are always better than cold leads—people like working with and helping people they like. So make an effort first to build a rapport, and always ask how you can be of service or deliver value before extracting a favor.

Myths of networking on LinkedIn

  • Every connection will give you a referral
  • Every referral leads to an interview
  • Posting content for one day will help your post go viral

Facts of networking on LinkedIn

  • Every meaningful connection is a friend in need when the time comes
  • Posting content helps you build your personal brand


We hope this resonates with you and helps you in your networking goals. And if you still have questions, reach out to our team at FAANGPath to help you make the art of networking a lot easier and more fun!

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