How to Use Twitter Spaces to Land Your Dream Job

published on 04 January 2022

Social media has become a very powerful tool for job seekers in recent times 🦾. Platforms that started off as fun and games for most people have become a valuable job search tool for candidates. Whether you’re looking for expert guidance, mentorship, someone who could review your resume 📝 or guide you on how to give your LinkedIn profile a makeover 💻, a referral for a job or help with interview preparation, platforms like LinkedIn, Clubhouse and many others have made connecting with recruiters, hiring managers and industry professionals easier than ever.

Twitter Spaces is a new addition to the list of these job search tools and in this blog, we’ll talk about everything you need to know to use this platform and land your dream job. Let’s get started! 🪄

Spaces is a new way to have live audio conversations on Twitter.
Spaces is a new way to have live audio conversations on Twitter.

What is Twitter Spaces?

Twitter announced the Spaces in December 2020. Twitter describes Spaces as a “place to come together, built around the voices of the people using Twitter.” It is basically a Clubhouse-like feature, available for anyone who has a Twitter account.

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Twitter Spaces is an audio-based platform 🎧 where users can host and join Spaces for various discussions and conversations. Anyone with a Twitter account can join a Space and contribute to the conversations, or simply listen to the discussion going on. The greatest advantage of Spaces is that the conversations are public, which means users are free to join any Space they want. Besides that, users can also send tweets or reactions real-time during the conversations or connect with others via private messages 📩.

Although users can host a Space only if they have more than 600 followers, anyone can join a Space as a listener or speaker. Recruiters, hiring managers, and many industry professionals have started using Twitter to host Spaces and discuss everything about job search. And that’s your catch! 🎯

To find out how you can join Twitter Spaces, please refer to Twitter’s official how-to guide.

How to Use Twitter Spaces to Land Your Dream Job?

Joining a social media platform has never been difficult. But using it the right way to land your dream job is something that requires planning. It is not very uncommon for people to end up spending hours on platforms like Twitter Spaces and getting nothing out of that time spent.

Leveraging Twitter Spaces can provide you with plenty of opportunities to learn, network and even find your dream job.
Leveraging Twitter Spaces can provide you with plenty of opportunities to learn, network and even find your dream job.

Here are a few tips and strategies that you could use to land a job at one of the FAANG companies through such platforms:

  1. Identify What You’re Looking For!🔍
    This is the most important step to get started. With so many spaces being hosted on Twitter and having access to several industry professionals, one might often forget why they were on the platform in the first place. Spend time deciding what you’re looking for - it could be guidance on how to build a good resume or LinkedIn profile, resources to crack an interview, a mentor, to find out more about a company/role, someone who could refer you for a role, or anything else related to job search.

    Pro Tip: You can take the help of professionals to craft your resume and optimize your LinkedIn profile with your professional resume writing and LinkedIn services. Choose the FAANGPath resume review and LinkedIn makeover services and land a job at your dream company.

  2. Follow Experts on Twitter.📲
    Once you know what you need help with, follow recruiters, hiring managers or people who work at your dream companies and keep an eye 👀 out for their tweets, conversations and any spaces that they may be hosting/speaking in. Once you’ve followed them, you’ll be notified when they’re speaking in any space or when they share information about any spaces they may be hosting.

    This could also be done the other way round. That is, keep an eye out for rooms that are related to job search and everytime you come across someone you can learn from, follow them to ensure you attend all of their spaces and make the most out of the advice they have to offer.

    Tip: If you’re not sure how to find someone on Twitter, you could look for their profile on LinkedIn. If they’ve mentioned their Twitter username there, you know where to find them. Otherwise, you can always search for them on Twitter and see if they host any spaces.

  3. Preparation Goes a Long Way.⛳️
    What does it mean to be prepared? Being prepared means doing your homework. Let’s say for example, you’re planning to apply for a role in a company, and you’re looking for someone through these spaces to help you navigate your way through the application, here’s the checklist you could follow to prepare better:

    (a) Read the job description and be ready to explain why you want to apply for the role and why you’re the best fit.

    (b) If you know who you want help from, learn more about what they do in the company you’re looking to apply to, and prepare for what help you want from them specifically - is it just guidance, or a referral or interview preparation tips, or anything else?

    (c) See when hiring for that role usually takes place each year(applicable for internships). You can find this out by looking for people on LinkedIn who work in a similar position and see when they joined/applied.

    (d) Be ready with an optimized resume so you can share it right away.

    (e) Keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date so you can share the best version of your professional journey.

    (f) Add them on LinkedIn by sending a request with a personalized message. In the message, mention where you’ve spoken to them/heard them before and why you want to connect with them.

    (g) Keep in touch. Getting advice from industry professionals can prove very helpful. Keep in touch with them and follow-up as and when necessary.

    This is simply an example. The preparation could vary according to what you need help with. Preparing well can save time for both and will help you ensure you make the most of their advice.

  4. Implement Tips As You Learn.💯

    Platforms like Twitter Spaces make access to recruiters and hiring managers very easy. Guidance and tips for which you otherwise would have to attend workshops and make extra efforts to get access to, are now available to candidates for free through these powerful social media platforms. Most people make the mistake of simply listening to the tips and never implementing them. Make the most of this advice, implement it and go back with follow-up questions or queries. This will help you make the best of someone’s experience and make your job search process much easier.

  5. Don’t Be Shy and Engage in These Spaces.🎙
It is normal to feel nervous when asking questions initially, but the more questions you ask, the easier it’ll get.
It is normal to feel nervous when asking questions initially, but the more questions you ask, the easier it’ll get.

Engaging in Spaces is the key. If you don’t ask any questions, you’ll never find the answers. Prepare good, clear and specific questions and ask them. When your questions are specific, it becomes easier for the other person to guide you. Preparing questions well in advance after doing your homework will help you ensure you’re seeking information that can make a difference to your job search process. Speak to recruiters and find out if they’re hiring. Connect with them off the app. You never know what conversation could lead you to your dream job. 🚀

Among so many people who engage with recruiters and hiring managers in these spaces, the only way to stand out is to prepare well. If you can establish yourself as someone who’s done their research and knows exactly what they’re looking for, recruiters and professionals will be more than happy to help and guide you. Leverage these platforms and land your dream job at the FAANG+ companies. 🏆

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Here is a short infographic you can save and share to ease your job search process using twitter spaces.
Here is a short infographic you can save and share to ease your job search process using twitter spaces.

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