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We've worked with clients from all walks of life, and helped them break into FAANG. Read some of their success stories.

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Hear directly from one of our happy customers!

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Thanks to FAANGPath for helping me with restructuring my resume and LinkedIn profile. 

My last company was Apple, and now I am working for Google still lack needed attention from recruiters because my resume and LinkedIn is totally not in shape with just the initial review from your team; I can see the difference! I got multiple FAANG company offers back-to-back! After some filtering, I've short-listed two Amazon offers and one Facebook offers to choose from (all for a senior data engineer).

I am fortunate to know about FAANGPath.


Srividya Krishnamoorthy

Senior Data Engineer
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Got L7 Google Offer. Thanks for the guidance in the resume creation process. FAANGPath's resume coaching and advisory were super helpful.


Ramesh Lakshmanan

Principle Product Manager

Mun Kim's Story

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The Challenge

Mun had experience as an entrepreneur and working at small startups, but waanted to break into FAANG. He needed to clearly showcase his achievements in his resume and gain the confidence required to even apply to FAANG companies.

Mun came to us with a strong background in Machine Learning and Computer Vision. However, his resume did not showcase his excellence. He had a two-page resume which went into too much details in certain areas and barely scratched the surface of others. Given his ambition to get into FAANG+ companies, he needed a resume that would really secure him a top interview.

"Some of the most useful feedback I got from the resume review was around crafting my unique objective. I feel confident. Thank You! :D"

- Mun

How we helped

Mun went ahead with a resume review from us and also had multiple follow-up chats with one of our mentors. Seeing his strong profile, we connected him with an ML Engineer at a FAANG company with a relevant background in Computer Vision. The mentor helped Mun to:

  • Clearly summarize his experience through a succint objective statement
  • Gain confidence that he has the necessary skills and background to break into FAANG+ companies
    • Optimize his resume for specific roles at FAANG companies related to Computer Vision and Machine Learning
    • Consolidate the resume into a single page by showcasing only the most necessary information

Mun Kim's Success

After working with us for resume reviews, Mun received Interviews from these companies!

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  • Ycombinator
    YC Startups
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Rohan's Story

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Great tips on resume building. It is much more cleaner than my existing resume. I feel more confident about my job applications. Worth the money spent!

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Rohan Manatkar

Software Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services

The Challenge

Rohan had recently graduated from his MS Degree in Computer Science. He needed to find a job within 90 days of graduation or risk losing eligibilty to work in the US. He had good academic projects and one short work experience at an offshore firm.

Rohan's challenge in his resume was that he was not targetting anything specifically, and his resume was too generic. He showcased various academic projects but none of them highlighted him as a superstar. Additionally, his formatting needed a significant makeover.

"I liked how you suggested updates based on the type of roles I am aiming for. Worth the money spent."

- Rohan

How we helped

Rohan took our premium resume review services, which included a revamped resume, access to our top templates, multiple resume revisions, and support from two of our FAANG mentors. One of his mentors was a Senior Software Engineer at Microsft and the other a Software Engineer at a top startup. Both mentors helped Rohan to:

  • Add a clear focus and direction to the resume for specific roles (Front-end, Back-end, Full-stack).
  • Demonstrate how his academic projects make him ready for challenges in a real workplace.
  • Highlight the key achievements and contributions throughout their academic career

Rohan's Success

After working with us for her resume review, Rohan received Interviews and Job Offers from these companies!

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    Tesla Inc
  • Final identity for tcs colour
    Tata Consultancy Services

Savi's Story

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"I was paired with a mentors from Amazon and Apple who did a great job with all the areas promised by the team.

As the feedback on my resume was thoughtful and thorough. My mentors gave me a lot of actionable specific items to work with. They were extremely helpful In explaining the reasons behind how the resume was constructed and the value of certain keywords within the document. They gave a career story to my resume that really created a great impact."

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Savi Goyal

Software Engineer
Bay Area, CA

The Challenge

Savi was searching for her dream job, but wasn’t sure how to get it. She needed to define her relevant backend engineering skills and package them to attract the right job opportunities.

Despire having multiple years of experience as a Software Engineer, Savi was challenged with building a resume focusing on specific career goals. She had experience in Backend, Machine Learning, and Cloud Solutions. Her initial resume tried to pack all these things into one, and she had mixed her projects and work experience together like a cocktail! She needed a professional looking resume with sections clearly broken down and digestible to the reader.

"It was really quick and they outlined several affordable options for me. I received a reply with detailed suggestions on how I could improve the format and content."


How We Helped

Savi purchased a Custom Package and our LinkedIn Rebranding services, which includes a revamped resume, access to our top templates, three resume revisions, and support from two of our FAANG mentors. One of her mentors was a Senior Software Engineer at Amazon and the other a Software Engineer at Apple. Both mentors helped Savi to:

  • Emphasize her backend engineering proficiency and cloud computing work experience.
  • Demonstrate how she directly had a positive impact in the workplace in her recent experiences.
  • Optimize her resume with more role-specific keywords in a professionally formatted template.

Savi's Success

Savi received full time offer after successfully clearing the interview loop from Amazon after working with us!

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Akanksha's Story

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Thanks a lot for the help! Your price point is perfect for students and people who just started working. It was super duper helpful!

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Akanksha Gupta

Software Engineer
Los Angeles, CA

The Challenge

Akanksha held multiple internships and roles at the same company (Amgen) and was finding it hard to express the work done in these roles in her resume.

Having lots of projects and extra-curricular activities, Akanksha came in with a strong background. However, her resume needed a lot of work, especially around optimizing her keywords for specific roles, and the format in which to showcase herself.

"It was great! I got a job offer and interviews with companies like oracle and Bloomberg who had always rejected me in the past! Thanks a ton Guys!"

- Akanksha

How We Helped

Akanksha purchased our student resume review package which provided her with a revamped resume, access to our top templates, multiple resume revisions, and support from our FAANG mentors. Thanks to our Software Engineering mentors, we were able to guide Akanksha to:

  • Highlight multiple roles within the same company effectively
  • Mentioning the impact of her contributions in her resume
  • Clearly showcase her extra curricular and project experience
  • Use an ATS friendly format which helps maximize readability

Akanksha's Success

After working with us for her resume review, Akanksha received Interviews and Job Offers from these companies!

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Some more Successes

Not just FAANG, we help you land jobs everywhere :) 

I wanted to thank you again for all your help during the resume review process--I landed a great new job (and actually, an offer from Amazon as well!) and I am confident that I wouldn't have been able to achieve this without the great resume guidance from you.

Pedro Chira, Senior Manager, ABM and Field Marketing at Circle.

After you reviewed my resume, I start applying for jobs on LinkedIn to give it a try. Most of the companies I applied to in Taiwan replied to me, and I got offers from Foodpanda and Netskope. I'm really excited! 

Thanks for helping me accomplish my goal : )

Max Li, Senior Software Engineer at Netskope

After 2nd round of my resume review, I have applied for various roles and landed with offer letters from two companies.

I would like to thank FAANGPATH mentors for helping me with the resume review.

Sai Anvitha Malapati, Data Analyst at Gilead Sciences

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